When the function is over and the merit is complete, we will break up. He is just a passer-by and a springboard in her life, but it affects her whole life. Is it ever owned or forever? Don't ask if you have it for ever. Everything lasts forever in different forms. When you broke up that day, you were very sad. Looking back today, you woke up and he left because its function was over. Where is no separation? What matters is what role you each played in each other's life. ============▲ [don't take love forgetting medicine] painful memories will eventually become strength. You have paid a heavy price, had no eyes, every time you think back to the insult at that time, you will become, love more smart, also more self love. ============▲ [three gifts for men] it turns out that only three of men's favorite gifts are: a tall hat. From time to time, he was given a hat with a top, praised and worshipped. Admiring. Even if he did a stupid thing, you still have to give him such eyes. The comfort of life. Let him know that you will share weal and woe with him. You are the comfort of his life. When he receives these three gifts, he will give you many. ============▲ [to talk about a vigorous and vigorous] real love enables you to stay together with a person forever, no matter how the outside world becomes, no matter how many temptations there are around you, you have commitments and commitments, even when there are moments of weakness and doubt, you will become more determined.